[triangle-zpug] Running Plone on Mac OS X Server

Forrest Anderson (fanderso) fanderso at cisco.com
Thu Jun 23 20:50:39 CEST 2005


Thanks for responding. The firewall is not on so I did a little poking
around and found that the command to start/stop Plone that I had been
using was not working (I had been using sudo
/Library/StartupItems/Plone2/Plone2 start). I found another line that
worked: /Applications/Plone2/Tools/start Default.

This brought it back to life.

The only other problem I have is when I try and log in from another
computer. I use the correct URL and can see the front page, but it won't
allow me to log in. 


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Forrest Anderson (fanderso) wrote:
> I am running Plone on Mac OS X server and need some assistance. Plone 
> was running fine and now I get a "connection refused" message when I 
> attempt to load the home page. I would appreciate some guidance to
> me get back up and running.

 From the information provided, it could be that:

a) Plone is not running.

b) Firewall is blocking Plone's port.

How did you install Plone? From the OSX installer? Or from source?


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