[triangle-zpug] [JOB] software developer with Python experience - western NC

Mark R. Biggers biggers at utsl.com
Sat Jun 4 21:10:03 CEST 2005


My customer is looking for a software developer with Unix/Linux
scripting experience, particularly with Python.

You will be helping to support and enhance a variety of "Line of
Business" applications, written in Python, Zope and Twisted.

It is a requirement that you are passionate about high-quality work,
including a knowledge of and/or eagerness to learn testing, software
release management, good documenting, communication and other related

This is a part-time consulting job.  It's an opportunity to show what
you can do, and your performance is the only limit as to where you
could go.

Ideally, you are located in Asheville or High Point, North Carolina
(for on-site work).

If not, you are within a reasonable driving distance of either of
these cities -- eastern Tennenssee, SW Virginia, Charlotte, Winston
Salem -- and also you "can do" remote development.


  * Unix/Linux development experience, with scripting languages and
    Python in particular.  If your background is Windows with good
    Python experience, you must be willing & able to ramp up quickly
    on Linux.
  * Some university or community-college study in Information
    Technology or Computer Science

  * Software Engineering skills are a big plus - you know something
    about testing, version control, et cetera.

  * Strong written and verbal communication skills

  * Other pluses: Web development, relational database experience


  Mark Biggers:  biggers __ utsl __ com
  http://www.utsl.com (See "contact me" for e-mail)

  * Please attach a resume in OpenOffice or MS Word format to your e-mail

  * Please include a contact-list of 3 references

  * Samples of your Python code are good, too :^) !

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