[triangle-zpug] Meeting directions

cbc at unc.edu cbc at unc.edu
Wed Jul 27 21:29:55 CEST 2005

Quoting "Mark R. Biggers" <biggers at utsl.com>:
> This meeting is tonight, correct?  Some of the "titles" in the TriZPUG
> pages have it set for 7/5 ... "Forward to the Past"!  :) :)

I think 7/05 means July 2005.

Hey, I won't be there (currently sunning myself indoors in beautiful Atlantic
Beach, FL at a conference; saw the shuttle launch yesterday). But I want to
emphasize only three people are currently subscribed to the PyCamp Wiki
(dhandy, fdimauro, cbc). Please particpate in the Wiki:


Cheers, Chris

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