[triangle-zpug] Presentation announcement

Jerry McRae rrj8k5j02 at sneakemail.com
Fri Jul 22 14:14:31 CEST 2005

Hi Zpugs,

I will be presenting a Plone Site Product (1Z Site Class) that allows
fast and easy site development from the file system.  I have a pending
news item on trizpug.org.  It contains the following informations:

What good is a site product?

to develop Plone sites on the FS

to quickly create new Plone sites

to inherit from existing Plone sites

to inherit skins from existing Plone sites

to keep a separation from content and structure

to save time

Some of the features I will cover

  1. each site has a Home folder, so
    1.1. the base Plone folder stays clean
  2. workflow is modified to work
  3. content can be created from site product
  4. keeps skins folders simple, but orginized
  5. can re-run each section on existing site
  6. can duplicate sites for testing or replicating
  7. Site Class include many useful development methods
  8. sites can inherit functions or skins from other sites
  9. base class features
    9.1. access to any property
    9.2. modify all aspects of workflow
    9.3. modify any action
    9.4. set any content type to use factory
    9.5. customize 3rd party products
    9.6. patch Plone/Zope objects
    9.7. create folders and pages, with
      9.7.1. properties, workflow, local roles, anything
    9.8. each function is a separate method
    9.9. control the order the methods are executed
    9.10. override, ignore any function
    9.11. automatically install any other products
    9.12. copy page templates on the FS into Zope
    9.13. and more!
  10. unit testing for Plone site product!
  11. converting custom templates to file system

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