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Chris Kennedy chris.kennedy at coventor.com
Thu Jul 7 16:24:11 CEST 2005

hi Chris,

Here is some info from a PloneBook-PDF I tracked down:

Why use a web based CMS?
Credit: Marco Federighi
The easiest way to understand a CMS like Plone is to compare it with a 
standard web site design tool, like
Macromedia Dreamweaver. In both cases pages can be produced on a remote 
computer, and submitted for
approval and publication. There are, however, four key differences:
any user with the required permission can produce web pages from 
anywhere, using any standard
browser, with no need for any specialist software. A CMS is easier to 
use than Dreamweaver and
FTP, therefore very little training is needed, and many more production 
tasks can be allocated to
unskilled staff. As a consequence, a CMS empowers more users to create 
and edit content on the
Web. Also, less training and lower skills result in lower production and 
maintenance costs.
pages are produced by typing text and uploading files into the site's 
pre-produced templates. This
results in a more consistent corporate style. Thus, even though the 
number of people producing web
pages for direct publication can be large, consistency of style and, 
more importantly, consistency in
content structure is ensured.
control of workflow in a CMS can be very finely grained, with the 
Webmaster's job being effectively
devolved to many people working in different places without any lowering 
of security and, more
generally, of quality standards.
different versions of a document are automatically saved, resulting in a 
natural audit trail when

the last bullet makes it seem like you would be able to access the 
previous versions of files, without undoing work to do such a recovery.  
But no, I do not know how to recover such info from Plone (or zope).


Chris Rossi wrote:

> Chris Kennedy wrote:
>> hi Chris,
>> I'm a newb.... but isn't this one of the strong points of Plone?
> No, it's not actually.  I've deployed a couple of Plone sites this 
> year, and revision control is not a feature.  Except for "undo" you 
> don't really have any way of getting at older versions of a document.
> chris
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