[triangle-zpug] June meeting

Chris Calloway cbc at unc.edu
Fri Jul 1 00:19:22 CEST 2005

Last night's meeting had ten people including three newcomers. If you 
are new, please sound off here on this list. There was a demo of Plone 
Desktop (http://www.enfoldsystems.com/Products/Desktop) and a 
presentation of 1Z Instant Instances (http://www.zope.org/Members/1jerry).

Jerry, we'd be glad for you to upload your presentation to your home 
page on http://trizpug.org. All newcomers should join the site and 
create your home page bio/upload you photo.

You can register with Enfold and download the Windows client portion of 
Plone Desktop from http://www.enfoldsystems.com/Products/Desktop. Then 
you can install and use it on TriZPUG.org, where the server component of 
Plone Desktop is already waiting to talk to you.

David Handy made a suggestion to move meetings to fourth Tuesdays so he 
could continue to participate. There was no objection. I believe he will 
post here to get more feedback from you.

Several people from Raleigh were present, indicating that we should 
possibly still continue to meet at NCSU on the rotation. Thomas Wilson, 
would you be up for that in July?

More discussion about Python Boot Camp occurred. David Handy inquired to 
what our audience for the camp would be like and whether his Computer 
Programming Is Fun text (http://handysoftware.com/cpif/) would be 
appropriate. CPIF is aimed at the non-programmer. We also walked through 
the contents of Dive Into Python, which introduces object orientation, 
but is aimed possibly a little higher, with ventures into XML and SOAP, 

So it has occurred to me that there may be more than one audience for 
Python Boot Camp. David is very interested in instructing. Any ideas 
about how to go about finding and attracting an audience for a Python 
Boot Camp for non-programmers? There could be a separate Python Boot 
Camp for IT Pros, which is what I'm more interested in. Ideas? Comments?

OK, I started the Python Boot Camp Wiki like I said I would do a month 
ago. Sorry it took so long:


You will need to login to use it. Current site members have been made 
manager/owners of the folder. Drop me a line if you joining for the 
first time so you can be added to the authorized group. I may automate 
this is the future with CMFMember workflow actions, but not now. Please 
respect the responsibility that comes with added permissions.

This wiki is *subscribable*. That is, click on the "subscribe" tab on 
the wiki while logged in. Either subscribe to the wiki page you are 
looking at, or subscribe to the entire wiki. The subscribe policy is set 
to "edits." That is, you will get an email for every edit to a page 
instead of just upon page creation.

To manage this amount of email, all the reply-to address from this week 
will be set to pycamp at trizpug.org. You can filter that reply-to address 
to a folder. Additionally, if you only want to see new page creations, 
the string "[new]" is suffixed to end of the subject line of new page 
creations, so you can further filter on that as well. All subscription 
email subject lines start with the name of the page being edited 
enclosed in brackets (i.e. "[FrontPage]" or "[FrontPage] [new]").

OK, please go wiki crazy now, and if you need a place to practice your 
bow hunting^h^h^h^h^h^h^h^h^h^h wiki skills, go to:



Chris Calloway
office: 17-6 Venable Hall   phone: (919) 962-4323
mail: Campus Box #3300, UNC-CH, Chapel Hill, NC 27599

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