[triangle-zpug] Re: [Triangle] Interest in local "sprint" on PHC?

Tom Bryan tbryan at python.net
Mon Jan 31 13:18:50 CET 2005

On Monday 31 January 2005 11:09 am, Chris Calloway wrote:
> Tom Bryan wrote:
> > Would anyone be interested in meeting somewhere locally for a PHC sprint?
> Tom, I'm MOST interested in another PHC sprint! Thanks!

That's a few.  I'll be there for a one day sprint if I can schedule it 
before I start work.  Amy also sounds interested.  

Anyone else up for a day of coding/Plone development with your fellow 

> PHC is the product I most need in releasable, relatively bug-free,
> documented, and working as documented form.

Yes, I was discussing with Martin Aspeli (optilude) on #plone last weekend.  I 
couldn't tell whether certain views were supposed to show only published PHC  
content, all visible content, etc.  One reason I'd like a coordinated Sprint 
is so that I can get limi, optilude, and maybe some others on the plone-docs 
team to agree on what PHC is supposed to do.  That way, we could go into a 
Sprint knowing what behavior we need to verify, unit test, and fix if broken.

> I can participate in this anytime *after* Feb 5.

I'll jump on #plone to see what the available of the decision makers is.

> If you need a place to host the sprint, I'm here to help! 

Hey, if we could get that same room, that would be excellent.

> I realize sprints can work over IRC. But its also great to have folks in the
> same room, especially for pair programming.

+1 on the same room.  With Plone development now, I need to pair program.  I 
know where to look now, but I don't know *anything* off the top of my head.  
While one person tests PHC, looks at ZPTs, and browses source code, the other 
could be looking at fundamental APIs.  For example, while I was looking at 
the code yesterday, I wanted to add a test that would transition documents 
through workflow.  Hm...how the heck do I do that via the Python API?  

I think that we'd move much faster in pairs so that one can test a guess 
through the web (two browers open, add a howto, now view the All Howtos page 
as another user in another browser, does the in-progress howto show up?) 
while the other person can look up the API (how are we going to add a unit 
test that creates a howto, makes some calls as users with varying roles, and 
transitions the content through various workflow states).

> Thanks again for having so much interest in this.

As I've mentioned before, there's one volunteer/non-profit project where I 
think that Plone would be a perfect fit.  For that project, we'd doing a 
MySite style of Product.  Unit testing with PHC forces me to learn a lot of 
the APIs that I'll need to be able to use if I ever get back to that 
project.  :)

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