[triangle-zpug] (plone related): Psst...

Chris Calloway cbc at unc.edu
Fri Jan 28 00:07:40 CET 2005

Tom Bryan wrote:
> Cool, isn't it?  Especially for those of us used to the output from javadoc.  
> Of course, I'm not sure how long those pages will be available.  The 
> explanation at http://www.neuroinf.de/LabTools/MySite says "For reference, we 
> currently provide the API documention for Plone and Archetypes as generated 
> by epydoc (as long as we can afford the bandwidth)."  Perhaps we should run 
> epydoc ourselves and put a local copy of the HTML output on trizpug.org for 
> our own members.  

That's not a bad idea. The only reason I found this is because Rafael 
moved the Plone Book location to the site where the API is and broke our 
trizpug.org link to the Plone Book.

Of course, putting it up means more traffic for trizpug.org, which might 
be a good thing.

Yeah, I thought it was cool precisely because it was so much like 
Javadoc output, which was maybe the one good thing I encountered from my 
Java days. Of course, Javadocs were usually a lot more complete than 
this API doc. Doesn't anybody believe in docstrings anymore?


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