[triangle-zpug] (plone related): Psst...

Tom Bryan tbryan at python.net
Thu Jan 27 15:19:22 CET 2005

On Thursday 27 January 2005 01:23 pm, Chris Calloway wrote:
> ...wanna see something almost cool?
> http://docs.neuroinf.de/api/
> Only slightly more helpful than DocFinderTab. As noted last night, will
> still leave you running for source code. But it's a start.

Cool, isn't it?  Especially for those of us used to the output from javadoc.  
Of course, I'm not sure how long those pages will be available.  The 
explanation at http://www.neuroinf.de/LabTools/MySite says "For reference, we 
currently provide the API documention for Plone and Archetypes as generated 
by epydoc (as long as we can afford the bandwidth)."  Perhaps we should run 
epydoc ourselves and put a local copy of the HTML output on trizpug.org for 
our own members.  

I'd love for someone to give a talk at a TriZPUG meeting on tools that support 
Python development: which are the best, which don't really work, where to 
download new versions, and how to use them...including perhaps epydoc and 


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