[triangle-zpug] Summary of January 2005 Meeting

Tom Bryan tbryan at python.net
Thu Jan 27 15:13:10 CET 2005

The topic of last night's meeting was "Unit Testing in Python and Plone."  
Jim, Chris, Christine, Ben, Scott, Thomas, and I attended the meeting.  (I 
hope that I didn't forget anyone!) We wasted some time as I fiddled with 
my machine, trying to get everything working for the projector and the 
PloneTestCase (see below for the real fix).  There was also a good 30 - 60 
minutes of discussion about the boot camp, the sprint, and what people have 
been doing since then with Plone.  

The presentation part of the meeting concerning unit testing ran *much* longer 
than I had anticipated, but that was largely due to very lively participation 
from the entire group.  Those who couldn't attend the meeting really missed 
out!  I'll be making all of the material I used during the talk available, 
but I think that the questions and discussion during and after the 
presentation were excellent and really added a lot of valuable content beyond 
what was in my slides.  (Of course, they also added over an hour onto the 
meeting--thanks to Thomas for hanging out so late!)  

Some updates for those who were there:

* The minimal skin on the filesystem that I heard about on #plone is 
ExampleFileSystemSkin.  See the documentation at  
This product is even tinier than the MySite tutorial.  It really looks like 
the most minimal filesystem product that you can imagine.  Just one ZPT and 
just enough other stuff to get the installation and product screens in the 
ZMI and Plone to work well.  

* I finally realized why we weren't able to run the PloneHelpCenter tests.  I 
put the wrong version of ZopeTestCase on the CD-ROM.  I forgot that I had the 
same problem during the sprint, prompting Stefan to tell me that "releases are 
for users; CVS is for developers."  The version of ZopeTestCase that works 
with PloneTestCase is not released.  You have to get it from CVS.  Sorry 
about that: I should have spent a bit more time preparing for the talk.  I 
realized the problem when I went back to Linux to check that I was using the 
same revision and noticed that ZopeTestCase on my Linux system was CVS 
sandbox.  You'll need to delete the ZopeTestCase folder that we created last 
night and "checkout" or "export" ZopeTestCase from the Collective CVS 
repository and put it under the $ZOPE_HOME/lib/python/Testing/ folder.  Then 
you should be able to run the PloneHelpCenter and other tests. 

* I'm working on generating the list of links that I promised.  I'll probably 
post it on my pages at trizpug.org later this week.


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