[triangle-zpug] TriZPUG January 2005 Meeting: Unit Testing inPython and Plone

Ben Best bbest at duke.edu
Wed Jan 26 20:31:23 CET 2005

Sounds great Tom!  See you there, Ben

> > I am working through the PloneTestCase tutorial(s) on Zope.org:
> > wiki:
> >
> >   http://zope.org/Members/shh/ZopeTestCaseWiki/FrontPage
> >   (SEE "Related Reading")
> Yes.  I'll be stealing content from there and talking a bit 
> about my experience trying to use PloneTestCase with 
> PloneHelpCenter during the sprint.  Of course, I'll be 
> starting with an explanation of unit testing in general, 
> taken from my talk at PyCon 2003: 
> http://starship.python.net/crew/tbryan/UnitTestTalk/index.html
> > Will your talk be roughly similar?  The tutorial is pretty 
> good; I am 
> > making good progress.  Hope we can access your CD stuff somewhere!
> I'm just bringing the CD so that those attending the talk can 
> get a Plone + Archetypes + PloneHelpCenter + PloneTestCase 
> installed on their machines so that they can follow along and 
> try stuff themselves.  I don't think that everyone will have 
> network access in the room, so I can just point to the 
> download sites.  
> If you're already going through the tutorial yourself, I 
> doubt that you'll need my CD.
> ---Tom

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