[triangle-zpug] TriZPUG January 2005 Meeting: Unit Testing in Python and Plone

Mark R. Biggers biggers at utsl.com
Wed Jan 26 20:13:06 CET 2005

Hi Tom & ZPug'rs,

Man, wish I could get there - just found out my wife's car has a blown
head gasket - guess whose car she's driving now :^) :^( ....

I am working through the PloneTestCase tutorial(s) on Zope.org:

  (SEE "Related Reading")

  http://zope.org/Members/shh/Tutorial   ## in one place

Will your talk be roughly similar?  The tutorial is pretty good; I am
making good progress.  Hope we can access your CD stuff somewhere!


Thank you Tom and Joel, for the mkzope.py (I've modified for my use)
and start/stop scripts (I've converted these to Korn shell
functions).   I've got a good, useable Plone/Zope + Zeo setup in a
single-instance directory tree - great!

Thank you,

Tom Bryan writes:
 > On Monday 24 January 2005 05:35 pm, Tom Bryan wrote:
 > > presentation by Tom Bryan on Unit Testing in Python and how to write unit
 > > tests with Plone.
 > I plan to bring a CD-ROM with the software that you need to write unit tests 
 > for Plone.  If you bring your laptop, I hope that by the time you leave, you 
 > will have a functioning unit testing environment for Plone on your machine.

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