[triangle-zpug] Job Posting: Bioinformatics Programmer, Duke University, Dept of Biology

paul m pmmagic at gmail.com
Tue Jan 25 16:10:51 CET 2005

Dear Triangle Area Pythoneers,

I'm relatively new to the triangle, and I'm setting up a new lab in
the Department of Biology at Duke University.  I'm looking to hire a
programmer to support bioinformatics research efforts in my lab.
Python is our preferred development language, but we're not language

Previous experience in the bioinformatics problem space (esp. dealing
with sequence data or gene expression data) is a big plus, but I'm
also considering candidates who have proven track records in related
areas (e.g. machine learning and statistics).

Thanks for your consideration.

Paul Magwene

Bioinformatics Programmer, Duke University, Dept of Biology

*Job Description*: Bioinformatics programmer sought for full-time
position in the Department of Biology, Duke University. Be part of a
team of researchers using computational and experimental tools to
study genome function and evolution. Python is our preferred
development language, but the person filling this position will also
use C/C++ and/or Fortran to implement numerically intensive
algorithms. The position also entails helping to setup and maintain a
small 'development' cluster of 64-bit machines.

*Qualifications*: Bachelors or Masters degree in bioinformatics,
computer science, or molecular biology/evolution with 3+ years
programming experience. Candidates must have demonstrated capabilities
in algorithm development and experience using bioinformatics tools and
databases (BLAST, Ensembl, etc).

    * Contact: Dr. Paul Magwene
    * E-mail contact: paul.magwene at duke.edu
    * Other Contact Info: Department of Biology, Duke University, Durham, NC
    * Web: http://biology.duke.edu/magwenelab/

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