[triangle-zpug] TriZPUG meeting this Wednesday: Plone discussion?

Tom Bryan tbryan at python.net
Sat Jan 22 23:12:56 CET 2005

Hi, everyone.  I don't know whether everyone is TriZPUG'd out for the month, 
or whether there's a lot of interest in our monthly meeting.  We should be 
meeting this Wednesday.  I'm confirming the location now.  We didn't have 
anything planned, but I was thinking that I could probably throw together a 
talk.  I'd review unit testing, Python's unittest, and then show how to get 
PloneTestCase up and running (you could follow along with laptops for that 
part of the talk so that you'd leave with a working unit test environment for 

Anyway, how's that sound?  Anyone have a better idea?  Anyone actually coming 
to the meeting?


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