[triangle-zpug] February meeting at Duke?

Ben Best bbest at duke.edu
Fri Feb 18 22:12:39 CET 2005

Hi TriZPUGsters,

Thanks Tom for all the great ideas below.  Let's play this Wednesday.  I
just submitted the following materials to trizpug's site.  Feel free to

Tri-ZPUG February 2005 Meeting: Extreme Python/Plone Programming

What:  This meeting should be very lively and dynamic with an introduction
to Plone Test Case and Python unit testing by Tom Bryan.  Then we'll move
into working with PloneHelpCenter, addressing potential ToDo's with some
extreme programming and try out different integrated development
environments (IDE), such as Wing, Boa Constructor and Kamodo.  Time and
interest dependant, Chris Calloway might show off some tips on working with
list comprehensions in Python.

When:  Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Where:  Room A158 of the LSRC Building at Duke University's West Campus.
Please see directions (http://trizpug.org/Members/bbest/to_duke_env).

How:  Feel free to bring your laptop, or look over someone else's shoulder.
There will be wireless and limited wired (but please bring your own cable)
connections available.

Hope to see a bunch of you there, Ben

> On Thursday 17 February 2005 01:45 pm, Ben Best wrote:
> > Thanks Tom!  I love the idea of an extreme programming development 
> > workshop.
> Sure.  Those who'd really like to get a big of coding done 
> should attempt to follow the Sprint prep instructions on their own.
> > I'd like to see the Plone Help Center
> > since I've missed the sprints so far,
> Now that we've got test data generation scripts set up, it's 
> pretty easy to jump in and see what PHC does.  You can 
> quickly go from a box without Plone installed to a working 
> site with a few users and a couple dozen pieces of PHC 
> content in various workflow states.  That way, if you just 
> want to see what something in the ZPTs looks like, you don't 
> have to go through the trouble of creating all the content 
> through the web first.
> > and would like to play with using a
> > good working IDE (probably Wing IDE) setup with Plone debugging.
> Gosh, I'd love to see demos of various Python IDEs with and 
> without Zope debugging capabilities.  In fact, that's on my 
> wish list for our meetings.  
> Have someone who's used Wing or Boa or Komodo or Black Adder 
> or PythonWorks or even IDLE show us all of the ins and outs, 
> stregths and weaknesses of their favorite Python IDE.  Maybe 
> we could convince one or more of the companies to give us an 
> evaluation license for a full, professional version of their 
> IDE.  That way, you could just use it for a few weeks and see 
> what you think without having to buy it.  :-)
> Still using emacs for all of his Python development, ---Tom

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