[triangle-zpug] February meeting at Duke?

Ben Best bbest at duke.edu
Thu Feb 17 19:45:22 CET 2005

Thanks Tom!  I love the idea of an extreme programming development workshop.
Yes, your unittest and PloneTestCase is a thing of beauty in understanding
the innards of Plone and the elegance of Python, so I for one would welcome
that as an intro.  I'd like to see the Plone Help Center since I've missed
the sprints so far, and would like to play with using a good working IDE
(probably Wing IDE) setup with Plone debugging.

> > That brings us to the issue 2.  Any takers for presenting, or other 
> > ideas for discussion?
> Like I told Chris las week...if no one has any other ideas, 
> maybe we could turn the meeting into a brief (2 hour) coding 
> session.  
> Those of us who have done Plone or PHC work can try to knock 
> off a few more items in the PloneHelpCenter TODO.txt.  In any 
> case, maybe we can finish getting the test data generation 
> scripts for PHC to create content for the remaining content 
> types.  Others can come and get help with getting a Plone 
> development environment (VerboseSecurity, PloneTestCase, 
> mkzope.py, etc.) set up.  Those not interested in Plone 
> development could come and bring whatever project they want 
> to play with for a couple of hours.  Install an IDE you've 
> been wanting to try and play with it.  Spend a couple of 
> hours with a standard or third party module or Product that 
> you've been meaning to try (unittest, doctest, socket, 
> ReportLab, Numeric, DCWorkflowDump, etc.).  
> Basically, we could try turning the meeting into a 
> development workshop.  It gives you 2 hours to force yourself 
> to do something with Python or Zope that you've been meaning 
> to do but just haven't found the time.  There are other 
> Python and Zope users in the room so that you have help (or at least
> sympathy) if you get stuck.  :)  If you have nothing to work 
> on, you can come and pair program with someone who does.  
> If people really need something to get us started, maybe we 
> could try short little talks.  For example, for those who 
> have now heard me talk about unittest and PloneTestCase, I 
> could give a 10 minute lightening talk about how I used 
> PloneTestCase to fix a bug in PloneHelpCenter's workflow 
> without really knowing much about how Plone workflow works.  
> It's a very practical example of how you can use 
> PloneTestCase during real development so that you can fix 
> bugs with confidence even on code that you don't know very well.
> Now, I'm not sure whether this type of meeting would work at 
> all, but I think that I'd enjoy it, and that's what's really 
> important here, isn't it?  ;-)
> ---Tom

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