[triangle-zpug] February meeting at Duke?

Tom Bryan tbryan at python.net
Thu Feb 17 12:08:43 CET 2005

On Wednesday 16 February 2005 08:14 pm, Ben Best wrote:

> Sorry for the late notice, but I can host the next meeting at Duke's
> Nicholas School of the Environment and Earth Sciences.  I've reserved Rm
> A158 in the LSRC building on Duke's West campus, but that won't mean much
> to most of you until I post directions, forthcoming on trizpug.org.  There
> will be wireless and wired internet access for those of you bearing
> laptops, along with a projector.

Sounds great, Ben.  Thanks!

> That brings us to the issue 2.  Any takers for presenting, or other ideas
> for discussion?

Like I told Chris las week...if no one has any other ideas, maybe we could 
turn the meeting into a brief (2 hour) coding session.  

Those of us who have done Plone or PHC work can try to knock off a few more 
items in the PloneHelpCenter TODO.txt.  In any case, maybe we can finish 
getting the test data generation scripts for PHC to create content for the 
remaining content types.  Others can come and get help with getting a Plone 
development environment (VerboseSecurity, PloneTestCase, mkzope.py, etc.) set 
up.  Those not interested in Plone development could come and bring whatever 
project they want to play with for a couple of hours.  Install an IDE you've 
been wanting to try and play with it.  Spend a couple of hours with a 
standard or third party module or Product that you've been meaning to try 
(unittest, doctest, socket, ReportLab, Numeric, DCWorkflowDump, etc.).  

Basically, we could try turning the meeting into a development workshop.  It 
gives you 2 hours to force yourself to do something with Python or Zope that 
you've been meaning to do but just haven't found the time.  There are other 
Python and Zope users in the room so that you have help (or at least 
sympathy) if you get stuck.  :)  If you have nothing to work on, you can come 
and pair program with someone who does.  

If people really need something to get us started, maybe we could try short 
little talks.  For example, for those who have now heard me talk about 
unittest and PloneTestCase, I could give a 10 minute lightening talk about 
how I used PloneTestCase to fix a bug in PloneHelpCenter's workflow without 
really knowing much about how Plone workflow works.  It's a very practical 
example of how you can use PloneTestCase during real development so that you 
can fix bugs with confidence even on code that you don't know very well.

Now, I'm not sure whether this type of meeting would work at all, but I think 
that I'd enjoy it, and that's what's really important here, isn't it?  ;-)


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