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Tom Bryan tbryan at python.net
Sun Feb 13 13:53:28 CET 2005

FYI.  In case you wanted to know how the PHC work went this weekend.

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Subject: [Plone-docs] Results of PHC Sprint this weekend in Chapel Hill, NC.
Date: Sunday 13 February 2005 12:41 pm
From: Tom Bryan <tbryan at python.net>
To: plone-docs at lists.sourceforge.net

We only had three developers at the Sprint, and one of them was sick.  So,
 the progress was somewhat slow.  :(

Fortunately, we did make some progress.  Here's where PHC is now:

0) I've added scripts to generate some data (not every PHC content type yet,
but enough to get started).  By default, these scripts are hidden under tests
and don't do anything.  Before installing/refreshing PHC, go into
tests/__init__.py and uncomment the three lines of code.  Now, you will have
the ability to run the data generation scripts from portal_migration's Setup
tab.  On a fresh site, CreateTestData is the only one you really need to run.
That puts some content in a PHC in various states, owned by various users,
etc.  I made an effort to make the generated content describe itself in the
Description field.  *Very* useful for functional testing and verification,
especially if you'd like to blow away your development instance and recreate
it.  (If you do that, then Linux developers may be interested in instance
cloning scripts at http://trizpug.org/Members/tbryan/MakeZope/.)

1) We updated TODO.txt.  That's still in progress, but I know that we added
some bugs that we found, and noted some of the progress we made.

2) Jim took the task of updating the folder_view templates.  I think that
 he's still in the process of making sure that they all style the pending
 items correctly for Reviewers, but now owners don't see their own
 in-progress items on the folder_view pages, for example.

3) I did some refactoring on unit tests and added some helpers for creating
more complete PHC content types in PHCTestCase.

4) "Owners should be able to edit content in the 'published' state to make
updates easier."  Seems to work.  Added unit tests to verify it for six of
the content types in testWorkflow.py.  Actually, they can edit the content no
matter what state it's in, including pending.  See testWorkflow.py.

5) "Owners should be able to mark their own content obsolete."  Didn't work.
I added unit tests to verify it and then modified the guard condition on
mark_obsolete in HCWorkflow.py until it seemed to work.  See my comments in
the TODO.txt.  Only have unit tests for six of the eight content types.  We
also need tests for a non-manager, non-reviewer who has the correct
permission, but I don't know how to set that up.

6)  "Documentation search shows only a subset of the content types.  There
should be a 'search only in' for each of the major PHC content types."  I
tried to fix this one, but I haven't really tested it.  There are still no
unit tests for searching.

7) "Need to test Search, ensuring it searches all content types (esp.
glossary, for where there were problems reported)."  In the process of
working on the previous item, I noticed that search "Entire documentation
area" was broken.  phc_search_types.py was using the HelpCenterGlossary type
instead of HelpCenterDefinition type.  Really, we should have called
HelpCenterGlossary HelpCenterDefinitionFolder for consistency sake.  That
probably would have avoided this bug.

8) Chris captured some of our discussions on the PHC workflow.
He also wrote up the setup we were using to create a development environment

That's all we had time to do this weekend.  PHC is now up to 106 unit tests.
A few more items have been ticked off of the TODO.txt list.  I hope that the
unit test and functional test data generation is far enough along that others
can finish it off and refactor out the boring duplication.  Unfortunately,
I'm probably going to have to take a bit of break from Plone, so I probably
won't have time to do it myself.

Thanks to Martin, Limi, and everyone else on #plone for all of their help
 this week!


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