[triangle-zpug] February meeting at Duke?

Tom Bryan tbryan at python.net
Fri Feb 4 15:52:54 CET 2005

Hello, everyone.  It's Feb. 4 already, and I haven't even started planning our 
next meeting, scheduled for Wednesday, Feb. 23.  

Issue 1:
We had discussed our new rotating location schedule.  The meetings were to 
rotate among
Delta III conference room at NCSU
Perkins Library room at Duke
A room (in Philips Hall?) at UNC

So, the bad news.  It looks like we will no longer be able to use the meeting 
room at the Perkins Library.  

I repeat, we will **NOT** be meeting at our Perkins Library location in 

We'll either have to content ourselves with rotating just between the rooms at 
NCSU and UNC for the rest of the year, or we'll need another room sponsor in 
the Durham area.  

Issue 2:
Is anyone interested in giving the talk for the February meeting?  I hope that 
everyone is thinking a bit about what topic you might be willing to present 
at a future meeting this year.  I'm always looking for a speaker, but at the 
moment, I need someone who can put together something by the 23rd.


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