[triangle-zpug] (Meta) Why don't you attend TriZPUG meetings?

Tom Bryan tbryan at python.net
Fri Feb 4 15:42:23 CET 2005

On Thursday 03 February 2005 05:19 pm, David Handy wrote:

> However, a reason in general that I haven't attended much is that I'm more
> into Python than Zope/Plone. 

Me, too.  You'll notice that since the founding of the TriZPUG in Sep 2002, 
I've given four our presentations focused on rather non-Zope topics: 
unit testing (Jan 2005)
wxPython (Sep 2004)
socket programming (Dec 2003)
unit testing (Nov 2002)

I'd love to have someone volunteer (hint, hint) to give a talk on one or more 
of the following more Pythonish topics:

Python development tools everyone should be using (PyChecker, epydoc or 
happydoc, etc.)

Writing an extension module (with and without SWIG)

Python language changes since 1.5.2.  I just recently learned list 
comprehensions, and I still haven't learned new style classes. :-)





Jython (I'll probably give this one later this year now that I'm using Java 

IronPython (Python and .NET)

Packaging Python applications (distutils, freeze, Windows installers, etc.)

Python and Blender (the 3d modeling/engine thing)

Remote Python Objects (PYRO, CORBA, etc.)

And that's just off the top of my head...

I have no shortage of ideas for non-Zope and non-Plone topics for user group 
meetings.  I just have a shortage of people who are interested in giving such 
talks.  :)  And don't feel like you need to prepare some formal, hour-long 
lecture.  If someone could explain and demo PyChecker in 20 minutes, that 
would be a great talk for a meeting.  Trust me, once the TriZPUGgers get 
together, we never seem to lack things to discuss before and after the talk.  
It just seems to work better to have some sort of talk to anchor the 

> I use Python every day at work, but haven't touched Zope nor Plone.


Of course, I've done about 4 or 5 weeks of Python development at work in the 
last 5 *years*.  When I have used Python at work, it's only been for 
internal/tool use while I'm developing in another language.  I have never 
used Zope or Plone at work.  

I just happen to like Python, and I like the people who attend our TriZPUG 
meetings.  It's fun to hear what other people are working on, and I find the 
conversation and the diverse perspectives interesting.  The group is small 
enough that the meetings are more like discussions than lectures, so it's 
always a fun gathering.  I'm not sure whether I come to the meetings because 
I enjoy the social aspect of it or because I just like to glare enviously at 
all of the people who get to use Python professionally.  ;-)


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