[triangle-zpug] (Meta) Why don't you attend TriZPUG meetings?

Tom Bryan tbryan at python.net
Fri Feb 4 15:04:35 CET 2005

On Thursday 03 February 2005 06:02 pm, Chris Calloway wrote:

> I think the times and places are fine.

Sure, but you already make it to most of the meeting, Chris.  :)

> never been to a user group meeting in her life, and she wasn't about to
> start now.

That's fine.  I don't mind if people just want to hang out on the mailing list 
and never come to a meeting, but as the closest thing to a president or lead 
organizer for the TriZPUG, I just wanted to check.  If we have 30 people on 
the list who just haven't mentioned "If it were only on the 3rd Wed of the 
month, *then* I could make it," I want to know!

> If it's a matter of Zope vs Python, 

Personally, I'd prefer a bit more Python discussion.  I don't mind hearing 
about Zope and Plone, but I just don't get to use them enough for that to 
help me very much.  

> (It's like my old boss said, "Who
> would go to a user group just about a language you can learn in a couple
> of days?") 

Right.  But if people are using Python without Zope or Plone, then many of our 
recent meetings may be less interesting.  

> The programs at
> TriZPUG appear to be driven by folks willing to give a program. 


That's part of the reason for my post.  The only reason we have so many 
meetings about Zope and (more recently) Plone is that the folks who are 
working with Zope and Plone have been willing to give talks or lead 
discussions at our meetings.  I'd be thrilled to see a similar sort of 
activity around some other aspect of Python (Twisted, wxPython, Quixote, 
NumPy, etc.).  If we have 10 people on the list who are using Twisted, for 
example, but who each think that they're the only one, then I hope that they 
use this thread to speak up and generate that sort of activity.  :)

> I'm really happy with our user group, our attendance, our meetings, our
> programs, our locations, our times, our people, everything. 

Me, too.  I just get the feeling that there are several more who *would* come, 
but they don't for one reason or another.  If we could make a minor change 
and have even more people participate in the discussion, that would be great.

> I get more good
> stuff for my job out of going to TriZPUG than anywhere else.

I'm jealous!  :-)


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