[triangle-zpug] Last night's meeting

Chris Calloway cbc at unc.edu
Wed Dec 7 15:56:57 CET 2005

Very successful meeting last night. We had 15 in attendance including 
many first timers. Bill Tolbert won the "drove the farthest" award for 
coming from SC, although I'm sure Mark Biggers still holds the "most 
miles racked up" award. I heard about many Plone projects I had no idea 
were taking place.

Mike Revoir's ArchGenXml presentation was god-like. I've seen AGX 
presented at least five times before. This was by far the best. For one, 
I had no idea AGX had come so far along since the last Castle Sprint. If 
you haven't done AGX in awhile, you should check it out again. For two, 
Mike gave some pretty compelling reasons why you use AGX (helps migrate 
your content types between Plone versions; your business *is* your 
model), which is something I haven't heard anyone do before. For three, 
Mike showed some pretty great proficiency with AGX. His presentation is 


Mike, would you mind making a copy of that content in your home folder 
on trizpug.org?

Geoff's presentation on psyco proved just how much information you can 
impart in ten minutes. Really great model for presenting. Plus, psyco is 
cool. Speedup factor of 9x for intensive number crunching. 32-bit x86 only.

Geoff, is your presentation/example code available for posting?

Everyone should give a presentation like Geoff's about the little 
details you discover working with Python.

There was a bull shooting session afterwards at Woody's on Franklin Street.

Next meeting at Duke in late January. I think Ben is going to get some 
help from Robert Petrusz on Duke hosting and here may be a change of 
meeting location on Duke campus to somewhere more accessible. But I'll 
leave that to them, including posting meeting notices, etc.. :)


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