[triangle-zpug] RE: triangle-zpug Digest, Vol 32, Issue 2

Dimauro, Frank FDimauro at unch.unc.edu
Thu Dec 1 21:38:05 CET 2005

can anyone help me alter this so that I search only a specific directory on
my Plone site?
For example, I only want to search a plone site directory...
/site/humanresources instead of my entire site catalog.
It calls the queryCatalog located at portal_skins/plone_scripts but did not
see anything there I could change.

<metal:block tal:define="results python:here.queryCatalog();
						 b_size python:10;b_start
python:0;b_start request/b_start | b_start;
						 batch python:
Batch(results, 10, int(b_start), orphan=1);">


Frank DiMauro 
Chapel Hill, NC 27514 
919-966-7988 (Tel) 
919-966-2110 (Fax) 

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