[triangle-zpug] editors for python - customizable

Chris Rossi chris at spacelabstudio.com
Thu Dec 1 18:03:21 CET 2005

Chris Calloway wrote:

> jEdit is not a good choice for use with Zope External Editor, however, 
> as it is in that class of editor which operates by "detaching itself 
> from the controlling process." The formal name for that is "MDI" or 
> "Multiple Document Interface." There is a jEdit "server" process which 
> gets a message from a new launcher process each time you fire up a new 
> file to edit from the command line. The launcher process ends after 
> messaging the server with the new file to edit. Zope External Editor, 
> which makes use of a command shell to start an editor, doesn't like 
> this. Zope External Editor just thinks your editor died right after 
> starting, because all it knows about is the launcher process. Most good 
> editors are MDIs, however.
There's a command line option that tells JEdit to keep the process 
running until you close the buffer.  Just for this purpose.  I forget 
the option, but it's in the command line help.  I've used JEdit with 
external edit quite happily using this.

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