[triangle-zpug] editors for python - customizable

Chris Calloway cbc at unc.edu
Thu Dec 1 17:57:07 CET 2005

TJ Stankus wrote:
> jEdit will do what you want.

I've been a very happy jEdit user for, Idunno, something like six years 
at least?

It's scriptable in Jython (and several other ways).

The "Clipper" plug-in for jEdit does the "libraries of collections of 
insertable code snippets" thingie you want.

jEdit does Python syntax highlighting, etc. Perl, and of course, Java, 
too. Lots of Java code beautification, command completion, API lookup, 
etc.. For programmers who have to do it all (Python, C, Java, Perl, 
PHP), it's the shizzy, much more so than all those Emacs adapters.

It has all kinds of fancy/useful XML task plug-ins.

And it's pretty easy to modify/fix anything you don't like about it.

I once said jEdit was a pretty good IDE. Someone corrected me by saying 
it couldn't be an IDE because it didn't have a layout manager. Someone 
came out with a layout manager the same day. It's pretty easy to fab up 
jEdit plug-ins, and there's a huge community for it.

I went to the Eclipse with Plone presentation at PloneCon. I've always 
hated Eclipse, but wanted to keep an open mind and see what people were 
doing with it. There were quite a few people in the room who raised 
their hands to say they were using jEdit for Python hacking, more than 
any other editor or IDE.

jEdit is not a good choice for use with Zope External Editor, however, 
as it is in that class of editor which operates by "detaching itself 
from the controlling process." The formal name for that is "MDI" or 
"Multiple Document Interface." There is a jEdit "server" process which 
gets a message from a new launcher process each time you fire up a new 
file to edit from the command line. The launcher process ends after 
messaging the server with the new file to edit. Zope External Editor, 
which makes use of a command shell to start an editor, doesn't like 
this. Zope External Editor just thinks your editor died right after 
starting, because all it knows about is the launcher process. Most good 
editors are MDIs, however.

Enfold Desktop, however, makes Zope External Editor kind of unnecessary, 
at least for Plone.


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