[triangle-zpug] August meeting

Chris Calloway cbc at unc.edu
Wed Aug 17 18:15:18 CEST 2005

Ben Best wrote:
> Yes, I'd be happy to host at Duke next week.

Great. Then I'll trust you'll make the announcement arrangements on 
trizpug.org, zope.org, and plone.org.

On trizpug.org, you are a manager, so you should have no problem there. 
I ususally make a newsitem, publish it, an event item with a link to the 
newsitem, publish it, and make a link on the /meetings default page.

On zope.org, you'll need to make a newsitem in your folder and submit 
it. It usually gets published in 24 hours. I usually find an 
announcement for the last meeting at the location and use it for a template.

On plone.org, make an event in your workspace. Before submitting, pick 
and event type. Try meeting and see if it gets published. I used 
training last time, because there was an announcement that plone.org 
would accept training as a keyword for selected events submitted by the 


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