[triangle-zpug] Plone NA Day 3 Report

Chris Calloway cbc at unc.edu
Tue Aug 2 18:18:25 CEST 2005

Place *not* to go eat in New Orleans: The Siam Cafe and whatever the Po' 
Boy grocery close to Lafitte's Blacksmith Shop is. Two days of mild food 
poisoning back to back is enough.

I should say, the conference hotel and organization were impeccable this 
year. This is the best Plone gathering I've been to so far. And I will 
get some good NOLA food on Saturday when my local wine and cheese import 
business friends take me to Lilette halfway down Magazine. It's 
rewarding to dine with friends of the chef. I lost count of all the 
dishes we sampled. All the best NOLA restaurants are in the garden district:


Day 3 started with Chris McDonough, the contributor to the ZODB, giving 
a presentation on how to use ZODB standalone, how the ZODB is used in 
ZOpe, and the latest ZODB changes from teh PyCon 2005 ZODB sprint. I'd 
like to steal and use this presentation at an upcoming TriZPUG if ZODB 
hasn't been treated before at one of our meetings:


Plenty of code examples, but you will need ZODB 3.4 to run them (ZODB 
3.2 included in current Plone). You need to know, the ZODB is a fine 
database and actually much simpler to run, use, and maintain than an 
RDBMS. This was one of my favorite presentations.

Jeff Pittman from Lamar University gave a presentation on a topic near 
and dear to my daily existence, content types to visualize geophysical 
observations. He used SVG, PIL, and ReportLab. The content types are not 
ready for distribution yet:


Kapil Thangavelu presented on CMFDeployment, a way to have Plone put 
your content, not just your code, on the filesystem. The idea is not 
entirely different from Entransit Server. That is, let Zope focus on 
content management instead of content delivery. That's OK if your 
content is static. You're going to cache the static stuff anyway. So, 
I'm not so sure it's worth all the marshalling code you'd have to come 
up with for your custom content types. The posted presentation has some 
problems with whatever it is PDFs have to do to with on-page transitions:


Nate Aune presented ArchGenXML is pretty much the same way as at last 
year's Plone Conerence:


Nate is part of the Boston Python Interest Group. They are putting on a 
Plone Boot Camp at the end of August. They really need their own Plone site:


Geoff Davis gave one of his great information-packed presentations, this 
one on Caching Strategies. I'm all set to ditch Apache and use Squid now:


Laura Trippi reprised her presentation of two years ago, a very pomo 
look at CMS social patterns:



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