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Chris Calloway cbc at unc.edu
Tue Aug 2 17:12:49 CEST 2005

Frank has posted more photos to add to Christine's:


Frank, where is the "Huge Ass Beer" photo?

You may want to check out the link I posted earlier today to the 
conference presentation materials:


I only attended one of the two simultaneous tracks, natch. There may be 
stuff in which you are interested in the other track (Track 2), which 
was mostly case studies and marketing. However, there were some things 
that were more hands on, such as Joel Burton's "Best Practices: Plone 
Development," which was essentially the same as the last day of Plone 
Boot Camp:


Specifically, you should check out our own Charlie Hitlin's presentation 
on UNC School of Medicine Curriculum Management:


Day 2 of Plone NA kicked off with a joint meeting to hear the annual 
"State of Plone" address by Alan and Limi.

The main points were details of the Plone Foundation Progress and Plone 2.1.

Plone 2.1 is completely refactored. There is a twofold speed increase 
over Plone 2.0.

Zope 2.8 in the Plone 2.1 stack brings Multi-Version Concurrency Control 
(MVCC) to eliminate read conflicts and embeds Five to expose Zope 3 

Plone 2.1 content types are all based on ATCT.

Plone 2.1 implements LiveSearch, which is a lot like Google Suggest or 
OSX Spotlight.


Next in my track, Ben Saller presented on Plone Web Services with code 
samples. Ben has a much more high level view of what is going on with 
various web service stacks than I do. He was able to point out various 
deficiencies in Python SOAP libraries and what the path for the future is:


The presentation on Tabajara, a taxonomy builder, was kind of a snooze 
for me. I've done the same thing in four lines of Python. The presenter 
made the startling revelation that taxonomy is sort of like a two 
dimensional spreadsheet. The presentation was directed remotedly over Skype:


PlonePAS, to be built into Plone 2.2, is a pluggable authentication 
system presented by J. Cameron Cooper, the author of the *very* fine 
"Building Websites With Plone:"


I think I like this book even better than McKay's.

Anyway, PlonePAS I think is going to present some challenges for the 
CMFMember and TeamSpaces developers and users. It comes with an LDAP 
adapter and needs a Kerberos adapter out of the box as I see it. 
PlonePAS takes care of the difficulties you might experience if you 
tried to drop PAS into your Plone instance today. Enfold is working on 
it like mad.


Sidnei da Silva gave us a presentation on Five, a project which brings 
Zope 3 features into Zope 2. Five is built into the new Zope 2.8, upon 
which Plone 2.1 is stacked. Plone 2.2 will make use of Five.

Five brings:

Interfaces (zope.interface)
Schema (zope.schema)
ZCML (zope.configuration)
Adapters (zope.component)
Views, including layers, skins (zope.component)
Global utilities
Edit forms
Add forms
Zope 3-style macros


Mark Hammond, who literally wrote the book on exploiting Windows APIs 
with Python, gave a presentation on leveraging Windows services with 
Zope and Plone (Active Directory, MSMQ, IndexServer, etc.). Also 
included were how Enfold Enterprise Server (EES), which is Plone on MS 
steroids, makes use of these services including NTLM authentication via 
a PAS plugin.

Tres Seaver, the author of the CMF, gave one of my favorite 
presentations of the Symposium on Zelenium (presentation in OpenOffice 
Impress format):


Zelenium is a Zope enablement of Selenium, a through the web test tool 
which catches browser dependencies, AJAX dependencies, etc. It provides 
more of an integrated system test coverage than the unit testing 
frameworks we are used to. One person told me, "It provides testing that 
I can show my customers better than dots flicking by on the screen, so 
my customers feel more comfortable getting billed for testing." Zelenium 
is great because it can record a user reproducing a bug in a way which 
generates a test case. Another Selenium wrapper may ship with Plone one 
day. Go here and click on "All Tests" to watch Selenium in action:



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