[triangle-zpug] [Plone]: Plone Desktop now free for non-commerical use

Chris Calloway cbc at unc.edu
Sat Apr 30 02:24:20 CEST 2005

I got this today:


And it is too cool for words. It's enough to keep me hanging around on a 
Windows client for awhile.

If you've ever beat your head against the WebDAV rock, this is a 
client-server pair that works.

So, I have mutliple sessions open on different servers in different 
folders. I can drag and drop multiple files of arbitrary types at once 
and it creates the correct item type for each. Workflow is in a right 
click context menu. There's file locking, so no one is stepping on my 
toes, if I open an file in an apparently arbitrary editor. I can delete 
the check out lock. I can cut/copy/paste/delete/create, all that stuff 
in Explorer, but it happens on the server. *I can edit the Dublin Core 
and other Plone properties* of an item in a Windows dialog, as well as 
GRUF user and group sharing. I'm viewing my site folder structure in an 
Explorer tree. I can start a session, go work offline for awhile, and 
reconnect later. Lawsy. You are even supposed to be able to add actions 
to your client context menu through portal_actions, but I haven't gotten 
that to work yet.

OK, here's something cool. By changing content_type_registry, I got a 
drag and drop of a PNG file to create a CMFPhoto item instead of an 
Image item. How cool is that? Then I right clicked on the PNG in Plone 
Desktop, opened it in The Gimp from the context menu, morphed it, saved 
it, and my changes appeared in my browser pointed at the portal.

Plone Desktop just beats External Editor all to pieces.

This definitely rates a lightning talk. Plone Desktop is a Plone killer app.


Chris Calloway
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