[triangle-zpug] Python courses at UNC?

Chris Calloway cbc at unc.edu
Mon Apr 25 21:18:13 CEST 2005

Rob Lineberger wrote:
> Are there any computer science or other courses at UNC that teach Python?  I
> do better in a structured learning environment and I'd like to learn Python
> properly.

COMP 144 (Programming Language Concepts) has devoted a few lectures to 
it in the past, but that depends on the instructor. Python is a 
scripting language, not something you devote an entire semester course 
to. In fact, CS doesn't really have *any* language courses per se. There 
are CS course on particular concepts. And then the class will have a 
language of implementation, which you usually have to learn on your own. 
Comp 144 course covers Python, Java, Perl, Prolog, and a bunch of other 
stuff in a *comparitive* fashion. It's only taught in the spring. It was 
cancelled this spring. If it meets enrollment, it may be taught next spring.

COMP 190/290 (Topics in CS: Enabling Technologies) has favored Python 
for course projects.

There was a UNC Computer Science Club seminar on Python last fall.

The guy in the CS department who seems to promote use of Python in 
course projects is Gary Bishop in Assistive Technologies. Maybe check 
with him. A student of his who blogs a lot about Python is Peter Parente.

Tom Zito in ITS blogged about some group on campus getting together to 
teach each other Python. They have some kind of site here: 
http://www.meekmok.com/pythonistas/ . I don't know any more about it. 
Ask Tom.

Python is also used this semester as part of GEOG 193 (GIS Programming). 
They spent four weeks of the semester (16 weeks) learning Python. No 
guarantees for the future. It's a common enough GIS application 
scripting language.


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