[triangle-zpug] Remote authentication question

David Chandek-Stark dc at duke.edu
Tue Apr 12 18:51:21 CEST 2005

[I posted a version of this question to Plone-users, but no one 
responded ...]

I have access to an external authentication mechanism which I would like 
to use in front of my Plone site. Plone should trust that the user whose 
name is set in the REMOTE_USER environment variable has authenticated (I 
am running Zope under Apache with FastCGI). In theory, this is what 
RemoteUserFolder is for. It works fine with Zope, but not Plone w/GRUF 
out of the box. I'm not necessarily trying to get RemoteUserFolder to 
work, just looking for *any* reasonable way to get Plone to work with 
this authentication scenario.


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