[triangle-zpug] wxPython and Boa Constructor

Jim Allman jim at ibang.com
Thu Sep 30 19:07:46 CEST 2004

On Sep 30, 2004, at 12:02 PM, Chris Calloway wrote:
> One thing to think about in preparation for a site policy is, "who 
> should be able to publish?"

IMO, we can design the roles and workflow on the site pretty easily, 
once we answer a few "culture" questions about TriZPUG. Here's a quick 
stab, of course open to debate:

Q: What kind of group is TriZPUG--exclusive or inclusive?

A: Clearly the latter, so easy joining seems appropriate. But wide-open 
websites are prone to "littering" these days. Just look at all the spam 
in blog comments and wikis. I think easy joining is good, but perhaps 
with the approval of a moderator? Anonymous contributions might be an 
invitation to spam, especially if they can be done easily or 

Q: Is there a hierarchy, "classes" of membership, in TriZPUG?

A: Clearly not, just different degrees of contribution and assumed 
responsibility. So I think roles in Plone might be something like:

	- Staff/Admin (hi Chris!): responsible for approvals of news items and 
featured content, site mgt., new member approval?

	- Trusted ("Deputy"?): a member chosen by Chris, or another deputy; 
allowed to do approvals and such

	- Member: some accountability, so they can add stuff; maybe limited 
ability to post news items

	- Anonymous: very limited ability to add content; no reputation at 
stake, so limited privileges

Q: Does reputation matter? (Does TriZPUG have a lot riding on the 
quality or cleanliness of the content of the site?)

A: An interesting question, I think. How embarrassing or damaging would 
it be to have porn links, hate speech, or just juvenile crap appear on 
the site? What about blatant commercial messages? Simple is good, but 
do we need some quality control or an editorial voice?

Q: Does the site need a "critical mass" of participants, or is it more 
of a sandbox?

A: If the latter, it can be very freewheeling and quirky, with weird 
custom features if we want. If the former, we'll want to "reel it in" a 
little and offer a site that most people can navigate and contribute 

> Hey, in using trizpug as a group, I can't stress enough how beneficial 
> to you all it would be to read Andy McKay's new Plone book. Here's a 
> link to my blurb about it on plone.org:
> http://plone.org/newsitems/News_Item.PloneGuidePublished

Coool. We should have asked for a book report last night!

Is there a free/online version of the book, or just the dead-tree 


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