[triangle-zpug] wxPython and Boa Constructor

Chris Calloway cbc at unc.edu
Thu Sep 30 22:11:50 CEST 2004

Jim Allman wrote:

 > Is there a free/online version of the book, or just the dead-tree 

The free online version is coming. It is to replace the current online 
Plone Book. I don't know when the date for this is. It involves creating 
an Archetype for a "Book" content type which will contain "Chapter" 
content types also based on Archetypes. And then some shuffling of file 
formats. But Andy McKay was very kind to donate the free online version 
to the Plone Foundation.

I reviewed your very perceptive analysis of TriZPUG. Based on it, the 
current state of the site out of the box Plone workflow, past 
contributions of members to TriZPUG, and current participation on 
trizpug.org, I gave the following members manager role:


Careful now. This gives you entrance to the ZMI for the trizpug instance 
and there are other Plone instances on the same Zope instance used by 
other organizations. You can't see them. But they're there. The ZMI is 
accessed via the new entry you will see on you personal bar called 
"plone setup" after you login. But you really won't need ZMI for most 
things. Being a manager mostly just gives you workflow superpowers. I 
guess this fulfills the role of "trusted deputy" you were talking about.

Regular members can still create content in their home folder and submit 
it for review. Yeah, someone can post smut to their user folder. No one 
else will know it's there unless it's published. And it's not likely to 
get published with the four managers with publishing authority now. We 
probably don't need to implement any member approval process until such 
time as someone abuses the current process. Based on other Plone sites I 
host with much more potential for abuse, that just doesn't happen in 
real life.

Hey, as much as anything else, the site is educational. If the workflow 
doesn't work out, we'll know why and what to change. The workflow you 
suggested already maps pretty much one to one to the out of the box 
Plone workflow except that we aren't using the Reviewer role. That's 
because the out of the box reviewer role isn't all that useful, mainly 
because it doesn't allow editing the items under review without going 
into the site security policy and adding more permissions to the 
reviewer role.

Something that might be useful, for a talk to another organization, I 
lifted a diagram of the Plone default workflow out of McKay's book:


Owner is a role that corresponds to a logged in member who has created 
an item. For a normal member, that means "has created an item in his 
home folder." The manager role applies to permissions of *both* the 
owner and reviewer roles, *and* applies them to any item on the site.


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