[triangle-zpug] wxPython and Boa Constructor

Chris Calloway cbc at unc.edu
Thu Sep 30 18:02:02 CEST 2004

Many thanks to Tom for last night's presentation (and Thomas for the 
location). That was about as informative of a TriZPUG program that I've 
seen. It was evident Tom spent some time on it. Thanks again.

Jim Allman, thanks to you, too. Jim posted his copious meeting notes to 
the new Plone site:


and I linked them in several places including a news article.

Just to keep things in a fishbowl, until I install the ZWiki and we talk 
about site policy, here's a list of things I've done to trizpug.org:


This might help you see what the default, out of the box, Plone workflow 
looks like in practice.

If you lose the link, it's linked from my home page. To find member home 
pages, just click the Member tab on the site and search with only the 
"Ever" criterion.

One thing to think about in preparation for a site policy is, "who 
should be able to publish?"

An example would be: on the Plone documentation team, all doc team 
members can publish in the doc folder. Anyone joining the site can 
contribute a help doc. Doc team members review, edit, and the publish or 
reject those contributions. Doc team members normally don't publish 
their own help docs. They either ask another doc team member to review 
and publish a help doc if they've written one, or another doc team 
member just does so on his own because he saw a help doc submitted for 
review (what's called "an item in the pending state") in their review 

That example is a bit different from normal, out of the box, Plone 
workflow. Normally the default, out of the box, reviewer role can still 
only create and edit items in their own home folders just like normal 
members, and can only reject or publish (not edit) the items of others. 
Plone.org has used Group User Folder (GRUF), though, to create a special 
doc reviewer group, the members of which can create and edit documents 
in the doc folder, as well as edit the help docs of other users.

All new content on the trizpug.org site should be pointed out to you 
*after you login* to the site in a "portlet" on the front page called 
"recent items." Otherwise, anonymous visitors have to click on the 
Meetings folder in the nav bar, or click on the news or meetings portal 

If in the recent items list it looks like there are duplicate items 
called "Meetings," it's because there are a folder entitled Meetings and 
a default document called Meetings (the title of the index_html object 
in the Meetings folder). Two separate object, same title. The default 
document, if there is one, is the default behavior of the folder. 
Folders without default documents have a behavior of displaying a 
listing of folder contents.

Items appear in the recent items list upon publication or if modified 
after publication. Items in the recent items list are ordered by 
modification date. This is all customizable if some other behavior is 

Hey, in using trizpug as a group, I can't stress enough how beneficial 
to you all it would be to read Andy McKay's new Plone book. Here's a 
link to my blurb about it on plone.org:



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