[triangle-zpug] Tri-Zpug meeting moved to Wed 9/22

cbcoasis at email.unc.edu cbcoasis at email.unc.edu
Thu Sep 23 11:24:15 CEST 2004

Quoting Thomas Wilson <Thomas_Wilson at ncsu.edu>:
> It's about 5:30 now, and there has been no specific interest voiced
> for 
> a meeting today, and some interest in a meeting next week. So, I'm 
> calling it postponed till next week Wed 9/29.

Thomas, thanks for moving the meeting. I´m still in Vienna for Plone2 
this week (it was great!). Looking forward to next week´s TriZPUG 
meeting. TriZPUG.org is up but not skinned or populated yet. Feel free 
to start entering content on your home pages and we´ll figure out site 
policy... uh, sometime. Any ideas for skinning would be appreciated.

I joined the Plone documentation team yesterday. Limi has written 
PloneHelpCenter with six documentation content types and another on 
the way. I hope to pick up this content types, especially the FAQ type 
and drop them on TriZPUG.org. Andy McKay´s new book is going to 
replace the PloneBook on Plone.org soon. I think the Plone 
documentation issues are coming to an end. Whew! This will be a 
Zope/Python boost all around.

Hey, cool. When I look at TriZPUG.org here, the I18N works. All the 
navigation is in German. "Sie sind hier: Startseite." Awesome.

I think I picked up a year´s worth of TriZPUG program material this 

Geoff Davis was far and away the best presenter at Plone2. Although 
the presentation on PloneTestCase was pretty great. Jim Fulton did a 
half day tutorial on Zope3. A release candidate was put out this week. 
It´s not full featured yet. Think of it as a technology preview. Zope2 
is going to stay alive for several more releases. If you want Zope3 
technology in Zope2, check out the Five project: 
http://codespeak.net/z3/five/ (nice skin).



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