[triangle-zpug] Load testing

Thomas Wilson Thomas_Wilson at ncsu.edu
Thu Oct 28 23:01:44 CEST 2004

In Zope 3?

David Chandek-Stark wrote:

> ZEO is included in base Zope now ...
> Thomas Wilson wrote:
>> As a followup to a question someone asked about plone performance...
>> I found out what it was we did in terms of load testing Zope. Turns 
>> out we don't have ZEO, too expensive for our budget. The testing we 
>> did was very bare bones, and was designed to pick a good number of 
>> zope process to run on our dual processor Dell PE 2650s. We just 
>> generated load with a python script that loaded a plone site 
>> repeatedly. We arrived at 2 zope processes per processor as a good 
>> choice.
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