[triangle-zpug] Summary of October 2004 Meeting

Tom Bryan tbryan at python.net
Thu Oct 28 18:39:04 CEST 2004

The topic of last night's meeting was "Patterns in Content Management."  We 
had 20 people at the meeting, and I was happy to see several new faces.  The 
meeting was centered around a presentation by Chris Calloway on various Plone 
sites that he has implemented, the user communities involved in using (or not 
using) those sites, and lessons that he has learned during those 
implementations.  There was lively discussion ranging from general questions 
about user acceptance to specific questions about look-and-feel, templates, 
and syndication.  

Our thanks to Chris Calloway for volunteering to lead this meeting on short 
notice during a very busy time for him.  The overview of several different 
implementations was interesting, and I think that we all had an opportunity 
to learn from Chris's experience without having to go through the same pain.  
I was also happy to see that we seem to be attracting a large enough group of 
people with sufficient Plone experience that several questions outside of 
Chris's direct experience were answered by other TriZPUG members at the 

We have several follow-up items from the meeting.  Feel free to start new 
threads on the malinglist if you'd like to discuss them.  If we reach any 
consensus, please move the information onto trizpug.org.  Here were a few of 
the items I had in my notes:

Who will be speaking about what at our next meeting?  When should we have it?  
Our end of year meeting is typically in early December since the 4th 
Wednesday of November and December generally conflicts with holiday 

Should we keep our meeting announcements on zope.org so that they show up on 
the zope.org front page?  If we do, can we mirror or syndicate just our 
group's meeting notices to trizpug.org?  If we don't, then we move all 
references to TriZPUG, such as the link at 
http://www.python.org/community/user-groups.html, to point to 
www.trizpug.org.  (Does this whole topic fall under syndication, and would 
someone like to do a whole presentation on that for a future meeting?)  Since 
it's possible that I'll be moving before the end of the year, others in the 
group may need to take over various details of meeting announcements and  
mailinglist management.

Everyone should join our group's Plone site at http://www.trizpug.org/ so that 
you can create your own content to share with other members of the group.  

You may want to consider whether PyCon and the development sprints at PyCon 
are worth your time: http://www.python.org/pycon/

Join zope-announce for news on the latest releases of products like Nuxeo and  
Silva: http://mail.zope.org/mailman/listinfo/zope-announce

Possible further discussion about completely overriding the look and feel on a 
per-folder basis in Plone.  If anyone figures out how to do it, give us the 
link, or (even better) volunteer to give a presentation about Plone 
look-and-feel, skins, layers, and templates at one of our meetings.  

Thanks again to Chris!  I hope to see you all at our next meeting some time in 


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