[triangle-zpug] October 27 meeting

Geoff Davis gdavis at nber.org
Mon Oct 11 23:17:19 CEST 2004

I'm in Boston on a job until early December, so unfortunately I can't
make the next couple of meetings.  Hopefully Chris can cover for me!


On Mon, 2004-10-11 at 16:45, Paolo Mangiafico wrote:
> The next Tri-ZPUG meeting is scheduled for Wednesday October 27, and we're 
> prepared to host it in Perkins Library at Duke University again.
> I'd like to propose a discussion/demonstration of Plone as a topic, mainly 
> because it's something I'm trying to learn more about right now, but I think 
> there's probably significant interest among others at Duke and in the Tri-ZPUG 
> community. We've got at least two people in the group (Geoff and Chris) who 
> were at the recent Plone conference, and maybe they could give us an overview 
> of the conference and its highlights. I'd also be interested in a discussion 
> of some of the more social (i.e., not necessarily technological) issues 
> related to implementing Plone with loose-knit and possibly not very tech-savvy 
> communities: how have the editing and workflow interfaces worked for content 
> authors; do users understand and make effective use of the member spaces, 
> calendars, etc.?
> Does this sound good to you all, or are there other topics that you'd prefer 
> to cover this month? And are there any volunteers to lead this discussion?
> Thanks...
> -- Paolo
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