[triangle-zpug] October 27 meeting

Paolo Mangiafico paolo.mangiafico at duke.edu
Mon Oct 11 22:45:54 CEST 2004

The next Tri-ZPUG meeting is scheduled for Wednesday October 27, and we're 
prepared to host it in Perkins Library at Duke University again.

I'd like to propose a discussion/demonstration of Plone as a topic, mainly 
because it's something I'm trying to learn more about right now, but I think 
there's probably significant interest among others at Duke and in the Tri-ZPUG 
community. We've got at least two people in the group (Geoff and Chris) who 
were at the recent Plone conference, and maybe they could give us an overview 
of the conference and its highlights. I'd also be interested in a discussion 
of some of the more social (i.e., not necessarily technological) issues 
related to implementing Plone with loose-knit and possibly not very tech-savvy 
communities: how have the editing and workflow interfaces worked for content 
authors; do users understand and make effective use of the member spaces, 
calendars, etc.?

Does this sound good to you all, or are there other topics that you'd prefer 
to cover this month? And are there any volunteers to lead this discussion?


-- Paolo

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