[triangle-zpug] December meeting

Chris Calloway cbc at unc.edu
Tue Nov 23 20:25:00 CET 2004

Paolo Mangiafico wrote:
 > Either date is fine for me.

After two days for feedback, I'm declaring it Dec. 8.

I have a fall back speaker (not me) and technical topic if no one else 
steps forward in the meantime. But I'd like for someone to step forward, 
because this speaker is very busy and gets called on a lot already. We 
should save his ability to make great presentations at the drop of a hat 
for when we really need it. In looking over our visitor log 
(http://zope.org/Members/tbryan/TriZPUG/VisitorLog), I see lots of 
TriZPUG people doing very interesting things with Python.

 > Any news about dates and logistics for the Plone boot camp?

Yep. Just nailed some things down yesterday. Mon Jan 3 - Fri 7 for Boot 
Camp. Sprint Sat Jan 8 - Sun 9. Joel Burton from the Plone Foundation 
will be facilitating. The cost will be between $100-$200 per seat. There 
will be 35 seats. The classroom will be 328 Phillips Hall on UNC campus. 
The classroom has hard-wired ethernet connections at each seat. You will 
need to bring a laptop and ethernet cable. I will need to know your MAC 
address in advance. We will not be screwing around with wireless 
(because it ruins every conference for at least half the attendees and I 
can't spend Boot Camp time trying to support it). I think we would like 
to have institutional sponsorships, also, that would come with seats in 
the class and would help drive down the overall cost for everybody.

It's pretty certain at this point that the audience for the course is to 
take web developers with a sprinkling of knowledge of Python expressions 
  who have installed Zope for the fun of it at least once, and turn them 
into pretty good Plone content type developers within one week. Can you 
dig it? Anyway, we had a choice to make: gear it for content developers 
or content type developers. Although there are maybe more people who 
need content developer training at this point, that's not anything that 
can't be gleaned by reading a book already in existence. I think from 
our many discussions, the training barrier has been moving beyond that, 
and so that's where the Boot Camp is going to focus. Once we train all 
you hardcore content type developers, you can fan out and teach your 
respective organizations about basic content management, anyway.

I think some good preparation for Boot Camp can be found here:


There's your holiday reading program.

For TriZPUG to be a sponsor, I'd like to ask that we use trizpug.org as 
a promotional and signup vehicle for the Boot Camp, if that works out 
with the Plone Foundation. I'd put a paypal registration type of 
application there if it's OK with y'all.

What you can help with is *don't be bashful* and state here as soon as 
possible your earnest interest in having a seat, how many seats your 
institution will need, and if your institution would be interested in a 
low cost sponsorship. I'm organizing this "in my spare time" at work, so 
save me from having to beat the bushes, please. This can only take place 
is there is sufficient participation and I know that participation will 
be sufficient well in advance enough to justify Joel's plane ticket. 
Your intent and seat count is not a firm commitment. But I do need an 
idea about participation pretty quickly.

I plan to make later sign ups more expensive than earlier sign ups once 
this is formally announced. It will be easier to price this thing lower 
if I have a good idea of number of attendees and sponsors up front. I'm 
thinking an bronze level sponsor would be come with two seats and be the 
in the price range of two seats plus $100 (so it could be as high as 
$500 if participation is low but sufficient). A silver level would be in 
the range of three seats plus $200 (so it could be as high as $800). A 
gold sponsorship, four seats plus $400 (as much as $1200).

If there are at least three gold sponsors, the sponsorship costs could 
drop drastically, and the overall per seat cost for everybody could be 
quite low. SO DO ME THIS FAVOR, PLEASE: if your organization has a high 
interest and high stakes in content management, please go ahead and 
present the idea of a four seat gold sponsorship for $1200 to your 
organization and close the deal quickly. Heck, just go for four seats at 
$1200, we throw sponsorship in for free. Once we know what revenues look 
like, you can surprise your organization by telling them how much less 
than $1200 your sponsorship will be. Note: that's half of what just one 
seat costs without travel expenses to most Plone training weeks, and 
most Plone training weeks won't be half as advanced as this Boot Camp. 
If you jumped on a plane and went to Enfold or Cignex for a week of 
Plone training, after hotel, etc., you'd be looking a close to $5000 for 
one person. You can't beat this. So put on your salesman hats and go 
talk to your money people.

And hey, if you want five seats for $1600, I'm sure we can make an 
arrangement for Platinum sponsors.


Chris Calloway
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