[triangle-zpug] Another Plone book

Chris Calloway cbc at unc.edu
Mon Nov 22 21:00:35 CET 2004

Sam Brauer wrote:
 > I was aware that 2.1 was going to move to
 > ATContentTypes instead of using types from CMFDefault
 > (which is a move I've been waiting for), but this is
 > the first I've heard of complete independence from
 > CMF.  In fact, one of the PLIPs listed at
 > http://plone.org/development/releases/plaid is to move
 > to CMF 1.5.
 > I did some searching trying to find more info about
 > such a change, but couldn't find anything.
 > Can you provide some urls?

My information is from Michael Pelletier's coauthor, Munwar Shariff, of 
Plone Live who is working from a prerelease Plone 2.1.


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