[triangle-zpug] Another Plone book

Chris Calloway cbc at unc.edu
Mon Nov 22 16:13:44 CET 2004

Tom Bryan wrote:
> I just stumbled across another Plone book: Plone Fast Track; The basics of 
> building a content-management system with Plone, By Julie Meloni.  Anyone 
> heard anything good or bad about this one, yet?

The author has written a string of books on PHP for Sams and Premier. 
The book you reference is for Sams. In fact, she wrote what is probably 
the most widely read book on web development: "Sams Teach Yourself PHP, 
MySQL and Apache in 24 Hours."

No one in the Plone community has heard of the author in connection with 
Ploone before her book. She has not participated in the mailing lists, 
the sprints, the IRC channel, or either of the conferences and has not 
contributed any code.

As such, it appears that Meloni's book is a commission from a publisher 
to an off the shelf tech writer. She wrote a bestseller (which, as far 
as I can tell, is a bestseller more because it packages LAMP into a 
single volume any script kiddie can follow) and thus was a candidate to 
whip out a product for the next hot topic. I have not seen the book. But 
then I'm not in a hurry because, in my experience, you'd have to be 
involved with the Plone community in order to speak authoritatively on 

Some news: Michael Pelletier, the author of The Zope Book, has a book 
called Plone Live coming out the end of December. What makes this book 
remarkable is that it will be based on Plone 2.1, which is due out the 
end of January. Michael is working with prerelease Plone 2.1 to make 
sure there is documentation for Plone 2.1 when the release is made.

What makes this release remarkable is that CMF is going out the window 
with Plone 2.1. Plone 2.1 will have the same reliance on interfaces that 
have been built into Zope 3. This is a result of the Castle Sprint right 
before the Plone2 Conference, where Zope Corp and all the major Zope 
CMSs agreed to use interfaces and have a common CMS interface-based API.

Plone 2.1 also has migration scripts to convert CMF-based Plone content 
from previous Plone sites to the new CMF-less Archetypes-based Plone 
content types of Plone 2.1.


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