[triangle-zpug] Summary of May 2004 meeting

Tom Bryan tbryan at python.net
Sun May 30 11:10:56 CEST 2004

There were seven of us at the meeting last week. Chris, Ben, and I were there 
along with Paul, Thomas, and two others (names?) from NCSU.  The official 
topic for the meeting was a "roundtable discussion" of what everyone is doing 
with Python and/or Zope.  The meeting turned out to be much more informal.  
Ben was kind enough to bring snacks for everyone and tell of his experience 
in incrementally migrating a PHP site to a Plone-based site.  Chris gave us a 
thorough overview of http://www.seacoos.org/, explained why Zope/Plone is 
important to that work, and discussed his personal expereince with Plone and 
Zope.  The NCSU folks talked a bit about their work with Plone at NCSU.  I 
gave a brief history of the TriZPUG (my only current involvement with Python 
now that my group has moved from Java to C# and .NET).  

Given the attendees, the discussion was dominated by Plone and Zope, 
especially the difficulty with spinning up on these technologies.  Some of 
the key issues seemed to be the dearth of books, out of date online 
documentation, existence of too many alternatives to achieve the same result, 
and complexities introduced by learning Python, Zope, and Plone at the same 
time.  The discussion then turned to how the TriZPUG could provide more 
benefit to the members, both those in attendence and to everyone on this 
list.  I just checked, and we have more than 40 addresses subscribed tot he 
TriZPUG list.  :-)  

Given the diverse and sometimes disjoint interests of the group, we agreed to 
continue the discussion of what the TriZPUG should do next on this mailing 
list.  There was some talk of participation in group projects or 
documentation in between the monthly meetings.  There was also discussion of 
creating recognized interest groups within TriZPUG so that Plone folks and 
Pythonistas who don't touch Zope or Plone, for example, can both get what 
they want out of the group.  Chris has already kicked off that discussion on 
the list.  The only way to make sure that TriZPUG continues to be interesting 
to you is to participate!  I'm sure that many of you have ideas that would 
make the group better for everyone.  Please speak up.  The group needs your 


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