[triangle-zpug] Last evening's meeting

Chris Calloway cbc at unc.edu
Fri May 28 23:38:47 CEST 2004

Ben Best wrote:
 > Chris wrote:
> (Chris and Ben want to work on PloneMap
> >together; are 
> >there other community projects that would instructional for the 
> >participants?)
> I concur.  You and I can help with the documentation, ie translation of
> French to English, and provide some lessons learned.

I ran it through Babblefish yesterday and came out about 95% there. I'm 
running it by a friend to catch the rest. I was disappointed. It was 
pretty uninformative documentation.

> Based on people at
> Wednesday's meeting, we've got two initial subgroups:

SIGs for the wiki, I would think.

 From previous posts, it looks like there is a purely Python-only 
interest. Plone is certainly an interest not common to everyone.

> You've got me interested in the Whistler training
> (http://www.enfoldsystems.com/Training/Whistler).  It would, naturally,
> be nice to know in advance how much bang for the buck you get out of
> such a class.

It sounds like a loud pop to me. It looks like you might get to kiss 
archetypes at the end of the week but not get invited in for coffee. For 
$2500 plus airfare (plus somehow get from Vancouver to Whistler) plus 
accomodations plus ramen noodles, I'd need to see a more detailed syllabus.

> A Zwiki continues to allow for posting of community content, minutes of
> meetings, posting of presentations, subscription to pages, etc.

Check it out:

> I like the idea of having some sort of event to anticipate such as a
> presentation, with discussion to follow, as seems the general format so
> far.

That certainly has been the format so far. And I think Tom has had to 
really beat the bushes at times to get someone to step up to the bar 
each month on a topic? I thought the open disccusion was great this 
month. I'd meet for that anytime. And if someone's got a topic to 
present they can announce in advance, so much the better.

> Ok, given that I am a newbie myself, and my approach is fraught with
> problems so far, it should be quite an educational experience as much,
> if not more, to me than attendees.  With that caveat, my talk would be
> titled something like:
>   Step-wise Migration from PHP to Plone: A Dirt-Ball Approach
>   * using traverse_subpath, urllib and PHParser/PHPGateway while
> migrating to ZPT, Archetype products
> I still welcome a more meaningful talk.

I think what you suggest would be pretty meaningful. :) Next month or 
any month.

>   "ZPug"
>   http://seamap.env.duke.edu/Members/bbest/zpug/tri-zpug_mascot.gif
>   http://seamap.env.duke.edu/Members/bbest/zpug/trizpug_mascot_large.gif

Hoo-hoo! That's so funny I think somebody would have to use it.

I use those logos in presentations all the time and never have checked 
out if that's legal.


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