[triangle-zpug] TriZPUG May Meeting: Roundtable discussion - What are you doing with Python and/or Zope?

Tom Bryan tbryan at python.net
Mon May 24 15:37:11 CEST 2004

The Triangle Zope/Python User Group (TriZPUG) will hold its next meeting 
onWednesday, May 26, at 6:30 p.m. in Raleigh, NC.  We will be meeting in 
the DELTA conference room(s) at Venture III, who has kindly permitted us 
to use their meeting room, on NCSU's Centennial Campus.  Directions to 
Venture III are below.  This month, we'll all be chatting about what 
we're doing with Python and/or Zope.

Hope to see you there!

Title: Roundtable discussion - What are you doing with Python and/or Zope?
This month, there will be no speaker.  Everyone should come prepared to 
talk for a few moments about Python and/or Zope.  Our preference is to 
hear what you're doing in your current projects with Python and/or Zope.  
If you can't or don't want to talk about that, we'd be happy to hear what 
you have done with Python/Zope or what you're planning to do "real soon now" 
with Python/Zope.  You are not required to bring anything written or to 
show a demo, but you may do so if it will help.  Each member will probably 
only have 3-10 minutes to talk, depending on attendence and interest.

Directions to the TriZPUG Meeting:
If you need directions to NCSU's Centennial Campus, try the following link 
If you need directions to the Venture III building, follow this link
http://delta.ncsu.edu/lts/about/directions.cfm, but skip step #3 since the 
is after hours.

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