[triangle-zpug] Zope4Edu

Paolo Mangiafico paolo.mangiafico at duke.edu
Fri May 14 17:01:18 CEST 2004

Chris Calloway <cbc at unc.edu> wrote:

> This article about Zope4Edu at Duke is having a huge impact on academic 
> budgets:
> http://www.syllabus.com/article.asp?id=9362

As someone who is working closely with the Zope4Edu development (and who 
works for Paul Conway, the author of the cited article) I'm very 
interested in hearing about how the ideas presented in the article are 
being received, and how other organizations are approaching the same 
issues. Chris, can you amplify on your earlier message?

FYI, if you'd like to read more about Duke's Zope implementation, 
another article by Paul is available in the following newsletter. Be 
forewarned that it's a big PDF.


-- Paolo

Paolo Mangiafico
Information Technology Services
Perkins Library, Duke University

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