[triangle-zpug] May meeting: Zope intro talk?

TJ Stankus tjstankus at yahoo.com
Tue May 11 21:45:13 CEST 2004

I would definitely be interested in *attending* such a session.


--- Tom Bryan <tbryan at python.net> wrote:
> Our May meeting is scheduled for Wednesday, May 26.  
> After following up with Rob Page, it looks like Zope Corp will be able to come 
> out for our June meeting to give a series of demos of Zope Corp products, 
> including Z4Edu.  Now, I don't do web development, and I've only just played 
> with Zope.  I think that it would really help me and some of our other 
> members if we could have a Zope intro at our May meeting.  I don't want some 
> high level fluffy talk.  Maybe something like "here's how you'd really start 
> setting up a Zope site and leveraging Zope's power."  Or maybe a demo of a 
> small, functional site that uses Zope with an explanation of how it was done.  
> Does this idea sound good to everyone else?  Does anyone think that you could 
> give such a talk?
> ---Tom
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