[triangle-zpug] May meeting: Zope intro talk?

Tom Bryan tbryan at python.net
Sat May 8 20:41:19 CEST 2004

Our May meeting is scheduled for Wednesday, May 26.  

After following up with Rob Page, it looks like Zope Corp will be able to come 
out for our June meeting to give a series of demos of Zope Corp products, 
including Z4Edu.  Now, I don't do web development, and I've only just played 
with Zope.  I think that it would really help me and some of our other 
members if we could have a Zope intro at our May meeting.  I don't want some 
high level fluffy talk.  Maybe something like "here's how you'd really start 
setting up a Zope site and leveraging Zope's power."  Or maybe a demo of a 
small, functional site that uses Zope with an explanation of how it was done.  

Does this idea sound good to everyone else?  Does anyone think that you could 
give such a talk?


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