[triangle-zpug] TRI-ZPUG Meeting Query

Thomas Wilson Thomas_Wilson at ncsu.edu
Wed Jun 23 21:53:52 CEST 2004

Hello all,

So, there appears to be interest in postponing the meeting until next 
Wed June 30th. However we still do not have anyone volunteering to give 
an intro to Zope talk, so for next week we have three choices:

1) Another roundtable (have not heard significant interest in this option)
2) An intro to Zope talk (assuming someone volunteers)
3) Cancel

I will assume we opt for 3 unless we hear by next Tuesday of either 
someone to do a Zope intro, or significant interest in a roundtable or 
other topic.

As always we'll keep the space available for whatever we all decide. :-)

Thomas Wilson, Web Applications Developer
Learning Technology Service, NCSU DELTA
Thomas_Wilson at ncsu.edu, 919.513.5088

Paul Edward Brinich wrote:

>Good MORNING all you folks!
>Since no one has volunteered to lead a Zope intro session we have two
>1) If someone wants to lead a Zope intro session NEXT WEEK (JUNE 30th),
>we can postpone this months meeting 'til next week.
>2) Cancel this months meeting.
>Any preferences?  As far as we know we are still on for the Zope4Edu
>demo on the 28th of July.
>-Paul and Thomas (NCSU)
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