[triangle-zpug] PloneMap documentation (was Re: Last evening's meeting)

Arnaud Bienvenu zpug.10.abienvenu at spamgourmet.com
Tue Jun 1 10:38:28 CEST 2004

Dear all,

Chris Calloway wrote:
> I ran it through Babblefish yesterday and came out about 95% there. I'm 
> running it by a friend to catch the rest. I was disappointed. It was 
> pretty uninformative documentation.

I guess you actually miss a ZMapServer documentation. PloneMap is just a 
Plone frontend, quiet straightforward to use. The hard part is to feed 
and configure ZMapServer (authored by Sean Gillies) where the real 
things happen.

In my point of view, these are the reasons why no ZMapServer 
documentation exists yet :
- ZMapServer is very dense, the work will be hard
- ZMapServer is far from stable (but still very useful)
- ZMapServer is quiet straightforward to use by a MapServer expert

If you think a quick and technical documentation, showing the main path 
for ZMapServer configuration, would be useful, I could propably write it 
(in english, approximately). But if you need a full and user-friendly 
documentation, it is far too ambitious regarding the time I can spend on it.

Please tell me your opinion about that, and get in touch with me if you 
think we should coordinate our efforts.

Arnaud Bienvenu
Makina Corpus

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